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Our beautiful, and very realistic, handcrafted ceramic nest eggs are made right here in the USA and offer solutions to some challenging nest box problems. To prevent or stop hens from laying on the coop floor rather than inside the nest box, use our ceramic nest eggs for nest box training to provide a visual cue for hens. They’re also great to test for broody hens or as a nest box deterrent but are beautifully crafted to even be used as home décor.  


  • Handcrafted Ceramic Eggs Look and Feel Like Real Eggs

  • Use for Nest Box Training, Broody Hen Test, or as an Egg Pecking Deterrent

  • Made in USA

  • Each Package Contains 4 Brown Ceramic Nest Eggs



  • Nest Box Training: Place 1 or more ceramic nest eggs inside the desired nest box as a visual cue for hens.

  • Broody Hen Test: Place all 4 eggs inside one nest box to see which hen chooses to set and attempt to hatch them.

  • Egg Pecking Deterrent: Place ceramic eggs inside all active nest boxes and collect real eggs as quickly as possible.

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