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Here’s the scoop on the best way to get your feed from the bag to the feeder. Our durable 2-quart plastic feed scoop is designed to make it more efficient at scooping feed from the very bottom of the bag and out of corners. The scoop sets securely upright when filled with feed and offers a smooth rounded handle for a comfortable grip. Perfect for scooping feed, scratch, cracked corn, and much more.


  • 2 Quart Capacity Plastic Feed Scoop

  • Sets Securely Upright When Filled with Feed

  • Designed to Scoop More Efficiently on Bottom of Feed Bags and In Corners

  • Use for Feed, Scratch, Cracked Corn, & Much More


Directions: Hold handle and scoop up to 2 quarts of feed. Hand wash with mild dish soap and water.   

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