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The best way to find clean eggs in the nest box is to maintain a clean nest box and Pecking Order™ nest box pads make that easy to do. Our nest box pads are made with great lakes aspen excelsior with a kraft paper backing that make it easier than ever to clean out nest boxes compared to pine shavings and straw. Moisture and debris settle down inside the fibers while eggs remain on top for easier gathering.   


  • Shapes to Fit Most Nest Boxes – Approx. Size: 13” x 13’

  • Eggs Stay Elevated to Make them Easier to Collect

  • Easy to Use and Helps Maintain a Cleaner Nest Box for Cleaner Eggs

  • Made in USA from Great Lakes Aspen Excelsior

  • Each Package Contains 10 Nest Box Pads


Directions: Separate nest box pads and use your fingers to fluff pads to desired thickness. Place one pad inside each nest box with the paper side down. Shape pad to fill any gaps inside the nest box if needed. Replace pads as needed.

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