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Provide chick starter or layer feed inside this durable plastic hanging poultry feeder from Pecking Order™. The poultry feeder holds up to 11 pounds of poultry feed, grit, or oyster shell and is translucent, making it easy to monitor feed levels. The anti-scratch ring with 18 feed ports helps minimize feed waste. Complete with adjustable cord for hanging and feeder cover (feeder cover recommended only when hanging).


  • Translucent Container to Help Monitor the Feed Level

  • Anti-Scratch Ring with 18 Feed Ports Helps Minimize Feed Waste

  • For Chickens 3 Weeks & Up

  • Complete with Adjustable Hanging Cord


Directions: Remove cover to access carrying handle or to fill. Replace cover to help prevent roosting on feeder. Use adjustable cord to hang feeder with the feeder base at elevated at half the height of the smallest chicken.

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