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For over 100 years scratch grains have been the original “treat for chickens”, used as a supplemental feed source for both small and large flocks. Scratch grains are an economical energy source to help keep flocks warm in cold weather but is also a perfect way to support foraging instincts all year long.

  • Supplemental Food Source Used to Support Natural Foraging Instincts

  • Good Energy Source to Help Keep Chickens Warm in Cold Weather

  • Made with Grains Sourced from Farms in the USA

  • For All Classes of Poultry

Available Sizes: 40 lb

Directions: Offer as a treat in a small poultry feeder or container or scatter on the ground to promote natural foraging behavior. Treats should not exceed 10% of a laying hen’s diet.


Ingredients: Corn, Milo, Oat Groats, Wheat, Calcium Carbonate

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